Riddlesden St Marys School (1222)

  • 1222_614 1222 Riddlesden 081

    New roof 2012

  • 1222_614 1222 Riddlesden 102

    New roof 2012 with relocated solar panels

  • 1222_614 1222 Riddlesden 092

    New space in courtyard

  • 1222_614 1222 Riddlesden 200

    New roof in 2012

  • 002 614 1222 Riddlesden 105

    New roof 2012

  • 002 614 1222 Riddlesden 090

    1970`s roof over 1960`s school courtyard to be replaced

  • 1222_614 1222 Riddlesden 091

    Old space in courtyard

  • 002 614 1222 Riddlesden 101

    Old roof 1970`s

  • 1222_614 1222 Riddlesden 080

    Old roof 1970`3

  • 1222_614 1222 Riddlesden 104

    1970`s roof

Here an existing courtyard had been roofed over with an un-insulated roof, this both leaked and suffered from condensation. Day-lighting was provided by a single glazed patent glazed roofing systems. Nearby thermal solar roof panels were mounted on frames on the flat roof .

As the flat roof would need maintenance in the medium term these panels needed to be moved to a new position. Gutters were congested and frequently flooded. The solution was to reuse the existing structure to provide a double pitch roof forming glazed gables to the East and West. These double glazed windows open for ventilation and provide welcome views out to the sky from this deep plan building.

A perimeter bulkhead was formed internally to accommodate a generous gutter and to contain the low level lighting for the space .

Electric Lighting is via recessed  LED down lighters and face fixed bulkheads, there is provision for a couple of feature chandeliers to be provided at a later date, but the monies for these was wisely invested in manhole access to drainage and a new floor finish.

A Ecophon Acoustic “Advanage A” suspended ceiling was provided to the long bulkheads and the sloping ceiling.
A similar upgrade of roof-light insulation and ventilation and day-lighting was performed on the existing roof-lights dotted all across the school at the same time