Hard Landscape for New House – using reject bricks (0910)

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Plain paving supplied by developer Antler Homes has been reused and blended with Rejects of Ketley Staffordshire Solid Blue clay bricks. These Rejects provide innovative solutions as well as colour and material contrast.

The rejected bricks suffer from colour variation from blue to violet to red, this colour variation has been used to create variation in the route/path paving cut into the lawn provided by the developer.

Selected blue bricks have been used to contrast with the buff paving in the patio area and to provide a solider course under the Indian stone circle.

A number of rejects were banana shaped and these have been used to make a camber in the route/path paving as well as to form an arched-on-plan step up to the stone circle.

The route path paving is laid on sand with a geotextile base substrate on the residual soil.
The tartan grid pattern of the patio uses selected blue bricks in a basket weave (spaced 10mm) laid on 1:4 sand cement first and then in-filled with alternating-rotation half paving stones 600×300 in to 910×910 gaps. The centre of these rose paving rotations also has selected blue brick cut and placed in matching rotations as an infill to the 300×300 square.

These are un-spaced to give solid colour and are only laid on sand.