2021 update – Welcome to my online (coronavirus free) service…..

Donate £50 (or more) to the  Dwelling Charity Shelter in exchange for up to a hour of my time.

I am in North Leeds and I am normally willing to travel up to 30mins each way in exchange for a pre donation to Shelter. For time being however I will be offering an online (coronavirus free) service.

Please go to Shelter make a donation and email me a screen capture of your donation receipt along with your name and dwelling address with a description of what you are looking to achieve.

I will see what information is already online and get back to you.

Get the best advice before the big spend.


A scheme devised by the charity Shelter and the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

The Architect in the House scheme offered expert home improvement advice in exchange for a donation to Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity. OWLarchitecture.com still provides this service despite the Shelter & the RIBA stepping back from the administrative burden.

How it works…Promise to make a minimum donation of £40 to Shelter and we will come and discuss your project. Just email Grahame White at owl.architecture@outlook.com once you have made a donation he will make an appointment with you – potentially any day of the week.

Normally Max travelling time 30mins from North Leeds – West Yorkshire.

Many enquirers obtain a sketch that becomes the blueprint for the future house expansion or reorganisation. Others obtain technical advice on treating damp.

Most obtain specific town and country planning advice especially with regards to permitted developments.

Architect in The House is being run non-stop (all year) by OWLarchitecture.com

Many residential clients make use of the Architect in the House scheme to seek advice such as to how to go about a project. Sometimes this advice is not to proceed with the project but to find another property, or it may be that you do not need an architect but just a specialist such as a structural engineer to carry your project forward.

We only offer our services where we are able to secure you best value.

Merchandise all profits to go to SHELTER