Biodiversity Bungalow (0932)

  • box in the woods
  • box in the woods

Following decades of decline of the woodland caused by rampaging Cherry Laurel; the intention here is that a dwelling be constructed on 5% of a Woodland TPO in a leasehold arrangement. The Freeholder then is to use the income from the leasehold to manage the Woodland and improve the Biodiversity way above what was reported  as “No Landscape Value, No Historical Value, No Recreational Value, No Wildlife or Green Infrastructure Value” within the Draft Alwoodley Parish Development Plan.

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A pending planning application is an intended as a vehicle to investigate and possibly demonstrate that at minimum 10% net gain in biodiversty can be achieved as a result of the funding brought by the presence of a single low impact dwelling. A possible win win for all.


NB. A pine plantation close to the road has a high impact risk on traffic and nearby dwellings within the felling/storm risk zone.