Funicular Shed – Can you build a shed up a slope? (0910)

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A new build house – 2 storey at the front and 3 storey at the back.

A steep slope to the side was turned into “The Funicular Shed” .

It is built on timber railway sleepers that step up a steep hill. The roof is at 30 deg pitch and yet is not any taller than the front boundary fence at the side of the house. It was constructed from a normal shed that was recycled into the new shape. The floor of the old (near square) shed was cut in half to make the roof of the new shed long and narrow. The close boarded boundary fence was used as one side of the new shed and the old shed panels re-cut to form the other 3 sides. The old door is hinged off a recycled fence post.

The shed was built to house all the garden tools, an extending ladder and various pots of paint as well as the deck chairs. The path to the shed is a boules court.