Highpath Mountain Bike (1986)

My Highpath Mountain Bike for Sold on eBay for £1000 in 2013. To read a pdf magazine article about the creator follow the [Visit site] & < back browser to return here.

The sales description was as follows;
Highpath Mountain Bike (Handmade), Quality Hub Brakes, Egg Ring Transmission & Deore step pedals
This is a unique opportunity to buy a totally usable, practical and ground breaking piece of cycling history. I expect a real enthusiast or a museum to make the purchase.
This Highpath bicycle was designed and built by David Wrath-Sharman. It featured on the cover of “New Cyclist ” magazine in the Spring of 1989 (above). It includes many highly advanced features for its time and will continue to provide a quality experience for decades to come.
Innovative features include:-
1) The reliable hub brakes are turned from solid aluminium with machined heat sinks . The brakes use brake shoes from European mopeds, but the light weight hubs are custom made.
2) The bash plate is to protect the chain ring is also extended to stop chain slap against the knobbly tyre.
3) The high bottom bracket for ground clearance.
4) The extra wide bottom bracket to stop twig and mud lock between tyre and frame.
5) The asymmetric rear frame so that the rear wheel and spokes are symmetrical to the centre line of the wheels.
6) The wide clearance mud guards that don’t have any wire stays and thus avoid twig locks and mud clogs.
7) The original thumb shifts that are integrated with brake levers were developed here. The major manufacturers Shimano etc.. got their ideas from this stable.
8) The egg rings just enable you to be a little more efficient at slower pedalling rates.
9) Shimano Deore step pedals that have a centre of gravity below the axis and therefore always present the right way up and assist in keeping feet in pedals without resorting to clips or straps.
The gear ratios are 12-32 rear and 28-42 front giving ratios from 23-91inches That a fantastic 396% range.
A mountain bike that can get you anywhere without coating yourself in MUD!
The clever cross braced frame is Reynold 531 tubing with Tandam forks.
The sale includes
HAKKA tyres as fitted and a spare for off road journeys
HAKKA tyres with tungsten studs – brilliant on ice.
Union tyres for long distance road journeys.
Big Ringer Bell
gel saddle
and the New Cyclist Magazine featuring this very bike on the front cover is included in the deal.
Yes, I do have the EveryReady lights & the front bracket to be thrown into the mix for the museum bidders!